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Integrated Systems
LANTech (Africa) Limited is the leading Systems Integrator in the East and Central African Region. Systems integration is about offering seamless services and future proof solutions independent of vendor technologies and standards. LANTech (Africa) Limited provides tailored customer management solutions based on voice and data integration. A range of products and skills enables customized solutions ranging from entry-level voice switches to complex and sophisticated enterprise communication networks incorporating voice and data call centre functionality, as well as audio and video communication solutions. The offering combines best-of-breed products from the world‘s leading call centre and customer management vendors, with unmatched expertise in technical consulting, design, project management and integration.

Multiservice Networking
This includes end-to-end solutions in integrated voice, data and video networks in the wide area and campus, remote access and emerging IP (Internet Protocol) technologies. Solutions range from network design, through network audits, consultation, implementation, installation, and maintenance and back-up support services. LANTech (Africa) Limited is well positioned in terms of products, skills and a mature service and support infrastructure to meet the networking needs of organizations wanting to concentrate on their core competencies and rely on industry established experts to provide networking infrastructure support.

Enterprise Systems
These are solutions complementary to the network, including server, storage, network operating systems (NOS), messaging systems and system management technologies. A comprehensive range of services from infrastructure planning through to remote systems monitoring, co- sourced services, and enterprise licensing and integration of Client Server platforms is available.

Managed Infrastructure
This provides organizations with access to the external world via the global public Internet or virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure. This infrastructure provides outsourced point-to- point networking or remote access and value-added services (such as network management) which are crucial to the success of any online business initiative, without the associated cost of ownership issues.

Managed Private Networks
This is an operational partnership designed to allow an organization to concentrate on its core business, while LANTech (Africa) Limited provides services for the I.T. Infrastructure. The solution can be customized from total outsourcing to simply out tasking. This is done through Service Level Agreements (SLA‘s) which have defined and measurable service parameters whose main objective is to provide maximum availability of a customers business systems. LANTech (Africa) Limited also offers a Helpdesk design and set-up service, which involves designing and implementing systems and procedures that are necessary to run an effective and efficient internal call management system. We offer several helpdesk applications depending on the size and complexity of the systems within the organization.

This provides end-to-end comprehensive network security perimeter-related services, using the best skills and products available. Solutions include Electronic Surveillance Systems, firewalls, authentication and encryption systems to secure enterprise wide infrastructures.

Managed Solutions
This provides systems and network management solutions that are integrated into a single enterprise management system. This provides a comprehensive view of all infrastructure and systems deployed by the company from a single point. Enterprise management is crucial as it allows for information exchange between the different management systems and enables organizations to measure availability of bandwidth, performance of the network and its impact upon users accessing their business applications.

This brings together the intellectual capital skills required to integrate voice, data and video networks. This includes satellite solutions, data broadcasting, broadband multimedia switches, satellite earth station up-links, point-to-multi-point communications, narrow- band and broadband radios, fiber-optic transmission systems, XDSL solutions over copper, and network management solutions. Telecommunications methodologies and delivery mechanisms range from turnkey projects, network planning and design, to site and path engineering, installation and commissioning, civil engineering, training and support services, project management and assistance in business planning including the facilitation of project finance.

Lantech Solutions
We thoroughly review our clients’ requirements and ensure that we propose solutions that integrate intelligent infrastructure as well as allowing scalability, easy manageability and flexibility. We have also considered a variety of technologies that will adequately address current network performance needs and also meet future requirements with minimal costs in terms of flexibility and scalability.

Our solutions are based on renowned products, designs and we follow industry leading standards as per the requested specifications.

Our happy customers can attest to the fact that our solutions fully meet the current and future stated requirements, and provides the most cost effective total solution to them and form a solid foundation for future corporate growth and development.

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